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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Let my creative-ness shine...

Today I had a real student challenge, my good friend and house-mate Kimberley originates from a farm in Wiltshire, and the last time she visited home she brought us back lots of tasty home grown vegetables!! They have, however, been sat in our fridge festering so today i decided enough is enough! I used my initiative and made a Gorgeous celery and carrot soup!

It was so easy... first I (as my mother taught me) 'sweated' the chopped onions, the celery, and the (very tiny with very long roots) carrot. Then i added stupendous amounts of vegetable stock and some potatoes... popped on the lid and Wallaaah, Bobs your uncle! It did however take around 3 hours to cook, but it was definitely worth it and think of all those vitamins! Students have never ate so good!

Then again i am known for being hungry!

Much love T.H.G x.x

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