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Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Holy Ale...

So, for part of my final module i have teamed up with two great fellow students, Esme and Mark, to work on a live brief creating a brand, logo and overall campaign for a new ale company:

The Andalucian Brewing Co.

They are a two man duo (consisting of an Uncle and a Nephew), both from the seaside town of Brighton, who have set up camp in Cadiz, Southern Spain brewing ale in a hand built shed in the garden!! This is a live brief that we will use towards our final degree show and ultimately our final degree grades (so it's a pretty big deal!!). We also have to keep the clients happy which is proving tricky at times but we seem to be succeeding!

Andalucia in southern Spain is renowned for its beautiful Andalucian horses:

And this is what the client wants to incorporate within their main logo. We also need to create four different identities for the four different ales they will eventually brew, this being based around a horse, a bull, a mosquito and a stork (all common creatures found in the south region of Spain).

It's early days but we've done extensive research into other great ale brands to get inspiration and our well on our way to producing a masterpiece...

I'll keep you updated!

T.H.G x.x.x

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  1. Timooone! ahh Spain, what a lovely place....when its not RAINING!
    I can't belieeeve all the rain we had, but we deffo came away much more insight into our breif. It should be course requirement to visit the location of your brand (paid for) it would be amazing!! x