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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Its been far too long...

It seems like forever and a day since i last blogged... i hope all my followers are fine and dandy!

Things have been a tad crazy in the world of The Hungry Graduate, and it doesnt seem like things will slow down anytime soon. I have just returned from an epic weekend trip in Sweden! It was my dear friend Dario Darnell's 21st birthday and his lovely and ever so kind dad (Kid Creole for any of you old enough to be fans!) let us crash his beautiful Swedish house!

I have never seen so much snow in my life and it made it even more beautiful! I made loads of new buddies, and even managed to converse with fellow advertising people! The advertising over there is so unusual, i noticed a lot of copy based campaigns especially in English which would seem strange in a foreign country as here in the UK we rarely embrace different cultures within our advertising. Overall it was an amazing experience and id love to revisit in the summer time when there wasnt mounds of snow up to my thighs!

Heres to more regular blogging dear friends,

T.H.G x.x.x

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