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Friday, 26 February 2010

The world domination of the golden arches...

O.K... so for my dissertation I'm researching:

"Should cultural differences affect advertising communications"

A simple enough question with heaps of information and resources. Im really getting into the research but after a long stretch of reading I am finding any excuse to walk around the house or make a cuppa or write a blog just to avoid the inevitable! However, it truly does interest me and for the case study im focusing on the golden arch that we all know and love...

McDonalds have restaurants and drive thru's and outlets in 119 different countries, which for a company that began when two brothers invested into their small dream, it is quite impressive! The intriguing thing about McD's is the ability they have to adapt and change within any culture or country they set up camp in and please everyone. This in turn gives them longevity and great consumer loyalty!

Anywho... if anyone has any pictures or information about McDonalds from anywhere in the world pleeeease let me know and i will be eternally greatful!

Peace out.

T.H.G x.x.x

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