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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Mac v's PC...

I am, and always have been in love with the Mac v's PC ads! They are cracking! I am, and proud of it, on team Mac and the humour that is portrayed in the short 30 second clips is absolutely and contagiously hilarious! You find yourself thinking "that is so true" whilst smiling excessively. I think this is helped by the story of how Apple grew from a small time, nerdy brand, in the shadow of the Microsoft skyscraper, into a cool, streetwise, must have brand!

Im a tad annoyed however, that we are constantly being bombarded on prime time TV (between Corrie, Hollyoaks that sort of thing) with the new "PC" ads, with everyday consumers, doing everyday things in gyms and taxi's, claiming they designed windows 7 (or 2 year olds showing us how to sort out our pictures). And im starting to get really irritated by it! Im not too sure how it works but ive never seen a Mac ad on TV at prime-time or any time thinking about it? I think it could be that they are already so uber cool that they don't need to stoop to PC's level of rubbing Macs in peoples faces! They have their ace ipod ads which make you want to reach out and hold one of their savvy, lightweight pods in your tech-no hungry hands!!

Im still holding out for the day when everyone on planet earth realises Macs are the future, and leaves their stone-age PC's as far in the past as possible! If you haven't already check the ads out and you'll see what i mean...


Happy Tuesday.

T.H.G x.x.x

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