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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

There's a magical place, we're on our way there...

I am so excited! I've just read that Toys R Us are reviving their 1989 'Magical Place' advert and bringing it back to our screens over christmas!! I can't find out who or if they are re-vamping the classic ad (see below) or if they are just using the classic... so if anyone knows pleeease comment!

Just listening to the opening line has brought back so many childhood memories and i could of only been 3 or 4 when the advert was originally released!! Crazy! Im sure everyone has had that "kid in a sweet shop" experience of Toys R Us, overwhelmed by the sky-scraping amount of toys upon toys stacked high up into the ceiling!! For me it's always held memories of a cold winter night, due to my birthday being close to christmas, and still to this day i am reminded of Toys R Us everytime the clocks go back and i venture out into that brisk breeze.

Ill keep u updated if i hear anything else, and please let me know if you hear anything!!!!

Heres hoping for that kiddie sized pink Barbie car this Christmas!

T.H.G x.x

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