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Sunday, 15 November 2009


Aleksandr the meerkat is coming to Harrods!!!

There will be 5,000 of these extremely adorable dolls in Harrods stores in December this year. The controversial compare the Meerkat ads were created by VCCP London, whom I have visited and spent a day at, doing a live brief (which was an incredible experience). When I went to VCCP last march, they had just released the Meerkat campaign and it created an amazing buzz around the agency! But some people are becoming irritated by the Ad's due to the over play. I can sympathise with this, but no one can deny that the campaign on a whole is so clever and intricately thought through and well researched!

I love these, the doll even repeats the iconic "Simples" catch-phrase and squeaky noise when squeezed! They are £19.95 with some of the profits being donated to London Zoo's conservation! Top chrimbo pressie!!

Jolly Love T.H.G x.x

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